Answer’s to ASI’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a Preventative Maintenance Schedule or Kits for my Equipment?
A: We have a number of kits developed for various functions of the delivery system and required intervals. Please see our Maintenance Checklist to identify needed maintenance for your system.

Q: Do I purchase parts directly from you or my service provider?
A: We provide our parts both directly to our customers and through designated service partners.  Our service partners may contact us about setting up an account so they can provide parts for you. For government buyers, we recommend using the ECAT system.  Contact our government purchasing specialist for more information if needed.

Q: Can I get parts for older units or for a used one I purchased?
A: We carry many parts for older units. Some parts may not be available after ten years of life due to obsolescence.

Q: What should I use to clean my ASI dental delivery unit?
A: Please refer to ASI methods of cleaning and maintaining the delivery system

Q: Do I need to send the cart back to you to get service?
A: No, all service should be able to be performed at your location. Please consult our Technician Locator for a list of dental service technicians in your area.  If you have a preferred technician, they may contact us for any troubleshooting information. If you would like assistance from us, please complete a Service Request Form.

Q: Can I get phone assistance with troubleshooting a problem I am having?
A: Yes, however we recommend contacting one of our service partners in your area to assist you. Locate them by using our Technician Locator

Q: I purchased a used cart and I need help fixing it?
A: We provide assistance for original owners only. Since the original owner may have altered or removed parts, we cannot assist with repairs or identifying changes. Please consult our technical guides or order parts that you may need.

Q: Where is the serial number for my delivery system?
A: The serial number is a 6 digit number on a silver sticker. It is generally located on the back of the unit. For arm mounted units it will be located under the delivery system.

Q: Where do I ship items to ASI?
A: Our address is
ASI Dental Support
8811 American Way, Suite 130
Englewood, CO  80112

Q: Do I need a RMA to send items?
A: Yes. Please complete a RMA Request Form and we will email back a RMA# to use.

Q: Can I return items for credit?
A: If you have an unopened/unused part you may return it to us. A 15% restocking fee will be applied and freight costs are non refundable.

Q: What is the warranty on replacement parts?
A: Our standard warranty on replacement parts that are non-consumable is 90 days. Soft goods such as filters, tubing, gaskets, O-rings, bulbs, etc. are not covered under warranty due to damage that can occur by handling or improper installation.

Q: Do you have information on line that can help me troubleshoot an issue I am having?
A: Under the Technical Support section of our website you can find troubleshooting guides to help you.

Q: Where can I send a damaged instrument to be repaired?
A: Depending on the instrument you will need to send it to ASI or you will be able to send it directly to the instrument manufacturer. Give us a call at 800-566-9953 if you are unsure.

Q: Where is my serial number located?
A:  The serial number to your unit is on a silver panel, generally located on the back of the unit, or underneath the delivery system for arm mounted units.

Q: What does my serial number mean?
A: For units manufactured on 09/23/2016 and later (160901), the first two digits are the year of manufacture, the second two digits are the month of manufacture, and the final two digits are the sequential number of the unit manufactured that month. For units manufactured prior to 09/23/2016 (590126 through 596570), the numbers are purely sequential.

You can reach us by phone! 303-407-6072

You can reach us by email! asiservice@asisupport.com

You can reach us online! https://asisupport.com/contact/

You can reach us in person! 8811 American Way Ste 130, Englewood, CO 80112

  • Serial Number

    The serial number is a silver sticker. For cart delivery systems it is located on the lower back of the unit. For arm mounted units it will be located under the delivery system.

  • Our address is

    ASI Dental Support
    8811 American Way, Unit 130
    Englewood, CO 80112