• ASI Methods of Cleaning & Maintaining the Dental Delivery System


    Handpiece Tubing – Handpiece tubings can be wiped down with non-staining disinfecting solutions, such as Biosonic WipeOut or PDI Super Sani-Cloth brands. Do not use Cavicide brand as it is known to cause yellow staining on the tubings.

    Painted work surfaces and Handpiece Holders – Use a mild detergent solution for general cleaning and disinfecting of these work surfaces with a soft cloth or sponge. Do not spray into opening of the cart or directly into the ball valve of the holder as this may damage components.

    Worktops and Control Panel Overlays – The worktop may be a Silestone engineered quartz top or Wilsonart solid surface polymer top. The overlays are plastic with transparent windows. Do not use abrasive pads on these surfaces as it will scratch and damage them. Only use soft cloth or sponge with mild detergent type solutions that can disinfect.


    The system is equipped with a refillable water bottle system that uses compressed air to pressurize the water. Depending on your cart configuration, your system may have a single or tandem dual water bottle system. Tandem systems let water flow from the second bottle directly into the first bottle to provide extra capacity.

    For water line disinfection, the system is equipped with a DentaPure DP365 cartridge that is contained in the primary bottle. The cartridge will work for one year before needing replacement.

    To use the system, unscrew the bottles and clean appropriately. Remove the protective cap from the base of the blue DP365 cartridge. Fill the bottle(s) with low mineral water to a level below the neck of the bottle and reattach. Ensure the bottles are firmly tightened to prevent air leaking. Flip the switch to ON to pressurize the bottles.

    IMPORTANT – Do not use tablets, bleach or other caustic liquids in the water system as they may damage internal components. It is recommended to use the DentaPure cartridges in the system for water line disinfection.


    The following are critical criteria for cleaners to maintain your ASI Suction System:

    #1) Must Have Protease Enzyme
    Protease is a class of enzyme that is highly effective at breaking down the protein solids in blood and saliva. The protease enzyme has proven effective in keeping the walls of the suction tubing and canister clean and odor free.

    #2) Must Be Non-Foaming
    The suction cleaner needs to be non-foaming to prevent foam from being suctioned down into the vacuum pump

    #3) Must Be pH Balanced
    Cleaning solutions must be pH balanced between 6 to 8 (on a scale of 1 to 14). If the solution is not pH balanced it can release the mercury from the amalgam, causing it to be flushed with the water discharge and not collected (eventually reaching water ways and streams). This is an EPA requirement when using an amalgam separator.