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About the Technician Locator

The application provides a convenient method of locating dental equipment repair services close to you by looking up dental service technicians by geographical area. This listing is provided as a convenience for our customers to locate alternative field repair technicians in their area that may be able to assist them with installation of equipment and service. These dental technicians are independent individuals or companies and are neither partners nor employees of ASI.  Their training, experience and capabilities may vary.  We get recommendations for technicians but cannot ensure their qualifications. Please ensure when contacting one to verify that you interview them and are confident in their work. We have designated some as Preferred Dental Repair Technicians due to being more familiar with their experience and capabilities with dental equipment but please understand that they are still independent of ASI. Please let us know if you ever experience a less than expected level of service from any of these technicians and we can evaluate and consider removing from our listing.